One of the secrets behind an entrepreneur’s success is a highly qualified assistant, who is professional in carrying out assigned duties, flexible, determined with an optimistic mind. Outsourcing non-billable tasks to a virtual assistant can help you achieve the standard of excellence that will take your business to a next level. Whether you operate a small scale or large scale business, it makes business sense to maximize profit while minimizing costs.


Prosperity Virtual Assistant offer services at a cost effective price without sacrificing quality. I ensure that businesses of all sizes undergo a smooth transition from offline to online administrative support. Utilizing PVA’s unique methods and skills in business management, I ensure that this transition occur without stress.


PVA believe in effective communication. The details of projects given are well discussed through the use of proper, clear and concise communication. Resourcefulness is another area that PVA have pride in. Through fostering a culture of ongoing training, PVA have a vast resource of information and skills, which allows me to provide you with the expert service that you deserve.


Answering these questions will determine if partnering with a virtual assistant (VA) is needed to build momentum in your business.


  • Have you missed business opportunities because you missed a deadline to follow up?
  • Do you have up-to-date client and prospect data to keep you on top of business development?
  • Do you have exciting projects that you would like to take on, but can’t seem to get started because of daily administrative tasks?
  • Do you find yourself working late nights and weekends to keep up with routine administrative tasks?
  • Do you miss fun outings with family and friends because you are swamped with work?
  • Do you keep telling yourself, I need a website, but you don’t have the time to inquire?


If you can relate to any of those questions, it’s time to seriously consider partnering with a VA.


I sincerely welcome you to stopover and explore PVA’s services. For more information, email me at shelia@prosperityva.com.


To schedule a call with me click here.

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